Richard A. Jennings

Senior Advisor

Originally raised in Mexico, Richard attended Culver Military Academy, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas. He returned to the University of Texas to enroll in its Petroleum Land Management program.

After completing his education, Richard was employed by Pennzoil in the Corpus Christi division, and subsequently by HNG Oil Company in Midland. In 1983, he joined Tom Brown Inc. as a consultant in its land and geology department where, for 9 years, he aggregated drilling locations in the Sprayberry/Wolfberry trend. He began acquiring properties in 1992 on his own behalf, as well as for industry partners, most notably RPI, whose clients included Owen Illinois, Bard College, GM Pension Trust, and The University of Texas.

In 1998 he founded Atlantic Operating, which he ran until forming Atlantic Energy Holdings in 2012 through a partnership with Natural Gas Partners.  He served as CEO of Atlantic Energy Holdings from its inception through its sale in April 2014. He co-founded Atlantic Resources Company (ARC) in 2014.

Richard currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Culver Educational Foundation, and on the Board of Directors of Bank of Texas.